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13 OZ Scrim Vinyl Banner Matte

Matte Banners - Cheap Banners
Product info

Matte Banners can be as large as 192" width and 1800" (16'X150'). Banners are used for any advertising, such as announcements, store front signs, building wraps, wall drops banners, trade show signage even billboards and more. Our banners are waterproof and more durable than any other banners sold out in the market. Typically can be used for more than a year or more based on where you use it. Use them outdoors or indoors.

If you need free grommets, please free to choose from the menu at no cost to you! Or if you need pole pockets (especially on large sizes and bill boards) you may choose from the menu as well.

Matte banners are the cheapest banner option. There is no warranty on the banners. However, for your information these banners that we produce can long last quite awhile depending on the area that you will be using it to display ( up to 1-3 years) as they are printed on both true solvent and eco solvent inks which are well known for quality and durability!

Please note that the size of the banners in the FREE DESIGN TOOL is standard and it is set for a 3'X5' banner. If you need a different size, please contact customer service to get your design completed or you may upload you own design at the end of the order process here.

If you have any questions or doubt on this product, please do not hesitate to call customer care on 1-877-288-9700 or Live chat and we will be happy to help you!

13 OZ Scrim Vinyl Banner Matte
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